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What is a First State Bank routing number?

Routing number of First State Bank - is 9-digit code, that used for identification financial institution branch in transaction. It also called RTN transit number or ABA routing number

From what does it depend?

It depends from bank branch location, and where your account was opened.

When you'll need a routing number?

You can use this routing number to initiate financial transactions, such as wire transfers, direct deposit, and electronic payments. It is important to make sure you are using the correct routing number for your transaction to ensure that it is processed smoothly and efficiently.

Where to find routing number on a paper check?

The Check Routing Number is located on the bottom left side of ane check(cheque) made by First State Bank.

Where to find First State Bank routing number on a paper check?

Routing numbers for First State Bank is:

Routing Number City State Address Office Code
111925045 Gainesville Texas P O Box 10 Main office
114917924 Yoakum Texas 406 West Grand Avenue Main office
114922430 Junction Texas P.O. Box 105 Main office
065305863 Waynesboro Mississippi 717 Wayne Street Main office
112201959 Socorro New Mexico 103 Manzanares Main office
073921718 Webster City Iowa P O Box 70 Main office
065306079 Waynesboro Mississippi 717 Wayne St Main office
103101505 Anadarko Oklahoma 102 W Main Main office
063113523 Sarasota Florida 2323 Stickney Pt Rd Main office
083901210 Irvington Kentucky P.O. Box 365 Main office
111312205 Paint Rock Texas P O Box 247 Main office
104111769 Gothenburg Nebraska P. O. Box 79 Main office
073920874 Britt Iowa P O Box 8 Main office
111906462 Chico Texas 201 S. Weatherford Street Main office
104108691 Farnam Nebraska P O Box 96 Main office
104907562 Hordville Nebraska 201 Main Street Main office
091405258 Groton South Dakota Po Box 77 Main office
113109377 Bedias Texas P O Box 99 Main office
091210744 Bigfork Minnesota 400 Main Avenue Main office
073913425 Lynnville Iowa Po Box 187 Main office
101112318 Ness City Kansas 206 N Penn Main office
075907497 New London Wisconsin 113 W North Water St Main office
111904150 Carthage Texas 110 W Panola Main office
082903497 Lonoke Arkansas 101 South Center Street Main office
073914411 Lynnvlle Iowa P O Box 187 Main office
051502528 Barboursville West Virginia 660 Central Ave Main office
104905836 Loomis Nebraska 211 Commercial St Main office
103008404 Noble Oklahoma 102 N. Main Main office
113123366 Clute Texas 200 N Brazosport Blvd Main office
104900116 Fremont Nebraska Po Box 549 Main office
091407667 Wilmot South Dakota 709 Main St Main office
111309030 Abernathy Texas 402 9th St Main office
073921585 Ida Grove Iowa 200 Moorehead Ave Main office
104102257 Randolph Nebraska P O Box 725 Main office
083903564 Irvington Kentucky Po Box 365 Main office
114902405 Uvalde Texas P O Drawer 1908 Main office
111923898 Mesquite Texas P O Box 850438 Main office
092902271 Shelby Montana P.O. Box 913 Main office
065301689 Waynesboro Mississippi P.O. Box 506 Main office
101102768 Norton Kansas 105 W Main Main office
082901596 Warren Arkansas P.O. Box 29 Main office
113123065 Louise Texas 206 North Street Main office
073921967 Stuart Iowa P.O. Box 400 Main office
104900886 Norton Kansas 105 W Main Main office
114916705 Three Rivers Texas P O Drawer 550 Main office
091911548 Wyoming Minnesota Po Box 308 Main office
073921543 Belmond Iowa 304 E Main Street Main office
103102193 Tahlequah Oklahoma 1111 S Muskogee Ave Main office
103103749 Pondcreek Oklahoma P.O. Box 58 Main office
062201892 Lineville Alabama 88730 Hwy 9 Main office
111317844 Spearman Texas One N.E. Court Main office
071921532 Mendota Illinois 719 Washington St Main office
114922265 Odem Texas 201 Main St Main office
104904646 Farnam Nebraska P O Box 96 Main office
091406354 Warner South Dakota Po Box 80 Main office
081511754 Monett Missouri 106 E Cleveland Main office
111323689 Shallowater Texas P O Box 160 Main office
065304084 Waynesboro Mississippi 717 Wayne St Main office
091902049 Sauk Centre Minnesota 423 Main Street Main office
111320925 Shallowater Texas P O Box 160 Main office
113122082 Hemphill Texas 101 Worth St Main office
104113343 Scottsbluff Nebraska 2002 Broadway Main office
091905525 Swanville Minnesota Po Box 128 Main office
103106542 Oklahoma City Oklahoma Suite 130 Main office
071121963 Monticello Illinois 201 W Main Street Main office
073904939 Sunmer Iowa 106 W First St Main office
111921777 Athens Texas 130 E Corsicana Main office
111907694 Gainesville Texas P O Box 10 Main office
073922885 Nashua Iowa 401 Main St Main office
111917590 Brownsboro Texas 14225 St Hwy 31 Main office
111311743 Menard Texas 101 West San Saba Street Main office
111912605 Ennis Texas 909 S Clay St Main office
111308633 Stratford Texas P.O. Box 48 Main office
091305329 Buxton North Dakota Box 68 Main office
111311840 Mobeetie Texas 101 S. Wheeler Street Main office
081912379 Campbell Hill Illinois 114 West Front St Main office
061101113 Wrens Georgia Po Box 555 Main office
111909443 Ben Wheeler Texas P.O. Box 97 Main office
103110813 Commerce Oklahoma P.O. Box 280 Main office
073905417 Lynnville Iowa Po Box 187 Main office
113105465 Livingston Texas 112 W. Polk Main office
111312894 Graham Texas P O Box 1988 Main office
082901020 Crossett Arkansas 200 Pine St. Main office
103101929 Watonga Oklahoma Box 540 Main office
103107402 Elmore City Oklahoma 206 South Main Main office
104901610 Gothenburg Nebraska P.O. Box 79 Main office
104908257 Loomis Nebraska 211 Commercial St Main office
075909660 New London Wisconsin 113 W North Water St Main office
071114491 Mendoth Illinois 719 Washington St Main office
111912252 Gainesville Texas 801 E California St Main office
084204628 Holly Springs Mississippi P.O. Box 580 Main office
114907387 Burnet Texas 136 East Washington Main office
111901467 Gainesville Texas P O Box 10 Main office
103103642 Waynoka Oklahoma P O Box 158 Main office
103110237 Boise City Oklahoma P.O. Box 1179 Main office

How to find Routing Number?

There are a few different ways you can find the routing number for First State Bank:

On this directory: We provide detailed information for each First State Bank routing number

Visit the bank's website: The routing number for First State Bank is usually listed on the bank's website, often in the "Contact Us" or "Help" section.

Check your bank account documents: The routing number for First State Bank should be listed on your account documents, such as your checkbook or bank statement.

Contact the bank: You can contact First State Bank directly to ask for the routing number. You can do this by calling the bank's customer service line, visiting a branch in person, or sending a message through the bank's online messaging system (if available).

Fedwire / American Banking Association: You can find your routing number on the official website of the Federal Reserve or the American Banking Association.